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Residential Roofing



  Asphalt shingles are your best value. The quality of asphalt has changed substantially in the last 10 years, and there is now a greater selection of styles, colors, and budget ranges for you to choose from than ever before. Warranties changed about 10ish years ago and for the most part are limited lifetime.  Today the focus is more on the impact resistance of your shingle this can be found in the Class 3 or Class 4 Impact Rating or Impact Resistance (IR).  Schedule an estimate to learn about the varied options and quality available on the market. 



   Both clay and concrete roof tiles are made from naturally occurring materials that do not deplete precious natural resources. They are manufactured without chemical preservatives, and old tiles can be recycled to make new tiles or other products. Moreover, roof tiles are energy efficient: because of the superior thermal capacity of roof tiles and the ventilated air space that their placement on the roof surface creates, a tile roof can lower air conditioning costs in hotter climates and produce more constant temperatures in colder regions, which reduces potential ice accumulation.  



 Advantages of Metal Roofing. Key drivers in a building design's success are increasing energy efficiency while reducing operating and maintenance costs. The key benefit of metal roofing and wall panels is that they positively impact building performance by providing longevity, durability and sustainability.