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Siding Options

Vinyl Siding


 Vinyl siding is designed to be both maintenance-free and environmentally friendly due to the materials used. In addition, the installation process is a breeze by requiring roughly half the time compared to other cladding options. It can be installed directly over your current siding, and doesn’t need much handling as engineered wood or natural wood siding.

All in all, vinyl siding is perfect for the homeowner not looking to spend the premium price for natural woods or engineered siding to maintain the exterior of the home.

Foam Backed Vinyl Siding


 Insulated vinyl siding has a lasting performance without a premium price compared to other options. Our siding isn’t the typical vinyl siding – it’s top of the line. The siding we use, has a premium insulation provides exceptional R-value performance to save you money on utility costs and feel comfortable year-round. The insulation is form-fit to adhere to the outer panel for enduring strength and crisp course lines. 

LP Smart Side


 This siding is created by pressing treated wood flakes together under a high heat pressure. The grain pattern that’s instilled on the surface is accepted well by the material and copies the look of a solid wood alternative. They come in lap, panel, shake, and board & batten to give you multiple options for creativity.

Engineered wood siding is more cost effective as it costs roughly half the price of natural wood due to all of the considerations listed above. This makes it a very viable option for someone looking for a lower price point than natural wood, with a similar look and feel.

Diamond Kote


 A house is more than just a place to store your belongings. It's your home – your sanctuary. Home is where you spend quality time with family and friends, relaxing and sharing your life. Diamond Kote® Building Products mission is to provide a 30-Year No Fade siding that lets you spend more time doing what you love. With Diamond Kote® you can have confidence that your siding will look and perform for years to come. 



There are many options for Metal siding for aluminum lap siding to commercial box rib style and a slue of different corrugated panels and colors.  Please contact us for more information on what is available to suit your needs

James Hardie


 Fiber cement is a resilient mix of sand, portland cement, water, and cellulose fibers. This unique mixture combines the minimal upkeep, anti-rot, anti-fire, termite proof, and durability against wind or cold, with the look of painted wood. In addition, it’s impact resistant, resists wood peckers, class-A fire rated, and eligible for homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Fiber cement has to be painted or stained – which can be done before it’s installed by the manufacturer or the company hired to install it. It comes in a number of color options and design options and can last 3-4 times longer compared to engineered wood.