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Storm Damage


Hail Damage

Colorado is the Number 1 hail market in the united states.  Even if your previous contractor told you oh we are putting the impact resistant Class 4 shingles on your roof, you should have it inspected by a real professional.  Hail that is nickle to dime size in this market has damaged Impact resistant roofing.  There are two mail grades of Class 4 Impact resistant shingles and we prefer to upgrade you for free to the Higher Grade of shingle.  Why would we do that?  We actually care and are invested in you and our community, we live here too.  Our moto is Above Reproach Ethics and Craftsmanship.   We mean that and we live that out.  

Wind Damage

Wind damage can be an interesting one and we find it mostly with the older 3 tab shingles.  As a former adjuster i can t ell you if you have a few hundred dollar repair or are you looking at a full replacement and a claim with your insurance company.    

Here on the front range we do experience high winds especially in the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains.  We have been involved with metal blow offs and even structural blow offs when the wind literally blows off the entire roof, framing and all from a structure.  If you experience a wind storm and want a no obligation inspection please contact us to have a member of our team come inspect your property.

Storm Chasers/Door Knockers

If you have lived in Colorado longer than a year we would bet that you have had some one knock on your door and ask if they can look at your roof.  WE DO NOT DO THIS.  Lesser companies who are not established and really who have no clue what they are doing do this in an effort to drum up business.  Ask your insurance agent who they recommend, ask a friend.  By law every one should offer you a bid and never ask you to sign anything until your claim is approved and you have chosen your colors.